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Since the beginning of 2013, Eschler Textil GmbH joined Schoeller Textil AG. We are now able to present you the knit collection of Eschler which comes to complete the warp and weft collection and complete stretch Schoeller fabrics. Two suppliers of top of the range technical fabrics are now partners to share their knowledge under the aegis of the Swiss Quality.

Schoeller / Eschler fabrics are intended for active sport, outdoor, ready to wear and workwear. These fabrics are made in the environmental protection and certified "Bluesign" and "Ecorepell".
Promote the well-being, the protection against the bad weather, improve the comfort on a daily basis, here is the reason for being for Schoeller / Eschler fabrics.
Through its subsidiary of Hong-Kong," FTC", Schoeller always proposes a collection of fabrics produced in Asia which respects the philosophy and the technology of "Schoeller Switzerland".